SKARA: The Blade Remains Gets Steam Go Ahead

SKARA: The Blade was given the Steam Greenlight last week, joining 49 other titles guaranteed to be available via Steam upon their release.

Voted for by the Steam Community, the title is said to have gathered 240 votes in just two hours.

“We couldn’t believe SKARA had over 240 votes in only two hours!” exclaimed Pablo Rodriguez, CEO and Creative Director in charge of SKARA. “The votes of support were really the best reward after so much work.

Due for release this year, the MOV – Multiplayer Versus Online, title is set to tale place in an arena style combat fighting setting, with up to 16 players being able to enter at any given time.

“Steam, in many ways the pioneer of online multiplayer gaming, is the ideal platform to launch SKARA,” added  CFO of SKARA, Cesar Ortega, “We are really glad and thankful to have a place there now going forward.”

Original article first appeared on the BagoGames site on 27/01/14