Cult Classic Nears Kickstarter Target

Pathologic, the cult Russian survival game, has nearly hit its target of $250,000 on Kickstarter, which if successful will see the game be remade by its developers Ice-Pick Lodge, for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

With just under $16,000 left to go, Pathologic was the first game made by Independent Russian studio, which has since its release gained a hardcore following thanks to its unique style and immersive storyline.

Set for a western release in 2005, the release was plagued with problems and according to Creative Lead, Nikolay Dybowsky, “It was clunky, it looked outdated even in 2005 and the English translation was horrific. It just didn’t make a lot of sense. 

Now the studio have decided to re-visit their first ever title and give it the remained treatment. “With three games now under our belt we felt confident that we had the skills and expertise to finally make Pathologic the game we originally intended,” says Dybowsky. “But as a small, independent developer consisting of a team of nine, we knew that we couldn’t finance the development alone in order to make the game that we wanted, which is why we hesitantly turned to Kickstarter.”  

The response so far has been has apparently ‘overwhelming’ and with still 12 days to go and only a short amount left to be pledged, Pathologic looks set to be coming to next gen consoles.

Pathologic is a psychological horror game that takes place over 12 in game days. Based around three characters, the story is based around a small town where a mysterious disease has taken over known as ‘Sand Plague.’

To pledge to Pathologic’s Kickstarter, you can click here.

Original article first appeared on the BagoGames site on 24/09/14