Mainline – Interstellar Rock’N’Roll

A band that have always lurked on the Leeds indie scene, Mainline is a four-piece from Holbeck who have just about settled in their line-up and after more member shake-ups than Emmerdale farm owners, the band are apparently set with their current collective, of which this album is the latest product.

Bridging the gap between indie, blues and of course, good ole’ rock’n’roll, Interstellar… is a veritable hit and miss of an album, which sees good songs saddling alongside mediocre one. Tracks such as the guitar-driven ‘Leave Here,’ the blues-infested ‘Move Me’ and jaunty beat merchant that is ‘Five More Minutes’ are a joy to listen too and it’s these moments of glory that leave you listening for more. In-between this however, there’s tiresome moments with songs such as ‘Cameras,’ ‘Life Changer’ and ‘Past Returns,’ all leaving you wondering whether to switch off or stay tuned. If you do stay until the end however, there will be a reward waiting as ‘Interstellar….’s closing number ‘One More Measure’ ends proceedings with a winding melancholic vibe that transports you to a previous era, one filled with moonshine, mouth accordions and good times.

So, is this album pure gold or utter shite? The answer is neither. With moments of both brilliance and dreariness, Mainline’s current offering is a mixed bag of music, which whilst a valiant attempt at originality, falls short of the “interstellar rock’n’roll” ride that it promises to be.

Original article first appeared on the Vibrations site on 8/12/2013