Through The Eyes Of A Terrorizer Intern…

Here at Terrorizer, we have been running a long-standing intern program for many years. Here’s what Emma Quinlan, our most recent intern, made of the experience…


It may seem like a strange way to start a blog but to me this feels like a completely rational and normal way to start any piece of writing or conversation for that matter. I’ve haven’t always been like this but after doing a two-week stint at Terrorizer Magazine, a place filled with cat noises and power metal, this is what has become of me. I should explain…

This summer I arranged to do a two-week placement with Terrorizer magazine and even though I was excited about the experience, I was also pretty sceptical. I’d done placements before, and whilst one of them was pretty awesome, the others felt either like a waste of time or/and they were boring as fuck. Terrorizer however, has been anything but boring.

Firstly, I didn’t expect the team to be as small as it is, or the office for that matter. Secondly, I didn’t expect to be sat next to the editor on my first day. However, it was and I was. Of course I was a bit nervous when I realised this but I found Tom (Dare, editor), and everyone else I should add, to be very welcoming and in the best possible way, a bit nuts.

Work wise I was given lots of stuff to do. I was asked to sub things, I got to interview a band member for a Choice Cut, write the Fear Candy captions for the magazine and of course, transcribe some interviews. Obviously this job wasn’t the most exciting but I did get to transcribe an interview with LG (Petrov, Entombed vocalist), who has the best accent I’ve ever heard on a Dictaphone.

All in all my two weeks at Terrorizer we’re awesome. Everyone was really friendly, and approachable and I’d gladly do these two weeks all over again. For anyone looking to get some music journalism experience, I’d defiantly recommended going here but BEWARE: you may return home with a poorly impersonated German accent and an unnatural love for Glory Hammer if you do.

You’ve been warned.


Original article first appeared on the Terrorizer site on 26/09/2013