Huntress – Starbound Beast

Releasing a praise-worthy album is never an easy feat but attempting to release two in as many years is even more of a tough challenge.Huntress however, are seemingly not a band to shy away from difficult trials and having delivered a successful debut last year, the critically acclaimed Spell Eater, Huntress are back to try their melodic metal luck again.

Titled Starbound Beast (Napalm Records), Huntress’s second offering sticks to the same formula as its predecessor, which is no bad thing. Starting off with the short but sweet instrumental number ‘Enter The Exosphere,’ Starbound Beastcombines elements of the power and thrash metal genre’s to create a brilliantly formidable but harmonious album.

From gritty riffs (‘I Want to Fuck You to Death’) to long-winding solos (‘Starbound Beast’) and electric power metal jaunts (‘Receiver’), Starbound Beast is caked in 80′s influences and technical talent. In front of the music lies Jill Janus, whose voice sounds more androgynous than David Bowie looked when he was younger.

The voice of a metal angel, Janus can sing, growl and no matter which was she tells it, every note wailed is as measured and passionate as the next. Lyrically, violence, sex and god are all touched upon but each song brings about it’s own message, most of which seem to promote freedom and enlightenment in some way.

As before, Huntress have not produced the most punishing or the heaviest of metal albums but its quick, groove laden style has a universal appeal that should adhere to even the most devoted of extreme metal fans.

Following last year’s triumphant debut was always going to be difficult and facing such pressures could have left Huntress with a lackluster effort in a bid to stay on the genre radar. Instead they have made an album that will not only hold its own against its ancestor but against most of the melodic metal albums on the market today.

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