Futuresound – City of Lights / Michael Reeve / The Concetines / Tokyo Corner Live Review

Leeds’ very own City Of Lights get the ball rolling this evening. Their set is filled with bubbly indie rock harmonies, heartfelt lyrics and bridges requiring some eager clap-alongs from the excited crowd below. They look and sound like festival material and the showers of praise that their bay of fans seem to be giving them suggests that the rest of the room agrees.

Slowing the tempo down is our next act Michael Reeve. With a full band backing him, the music is still of the previous indie rock variety but with less bouncing rhythms and more eerie keyboard notes. Armed with a hauntingly beautiful voice, the young singer is often drowned out by the lairy room, some of which seem a little bored with this change in pace. On stage though everyone gives 110% and although the stage presence is in need of some work, the potential is plain to see.

Leeds lads The Concetines are the third band tonight, all of which seem to have raided Morrisey’s wardrobe. Confident and obviously well liked, these cheeky chaps go on to play a range of well executed poppy indie tunes with a cover of Abba’s ‘Gimme Gimme’ thrown in for good measure. Taking on the Swedish pop giants is no easy task but the band give the track an unusual yet entertaining spin that may go down well with the festival goers, especially when beer is involved.

Ending tonight proceedings are Huddersfielders Tokyo Corner who bring a heavier vibe with them. Like a Yorkshire version of Liam Gallagher, the lead singer growls more than he sings but his voice suits the band’s dirty rock tones. Modestly supported from the crowd, the band give the room a well-earned break from the previous genre that seems to have dominated the night and when a sudden punk-esque number kicks in, a few ears start to wither due to shock. Having said this, these Yorkshire boys most probably won’t come out on top tonight but when everyone’s drenched in other people’s sweat, is anyone really a winner?

Original article first appeared on the Vibrations site on 28/07/2013