Reel Big Fish @ LMSU, Leeds

It’s been 21 years since Reel Big Fish first started touting their Ska Punk horns and the fact that they are still here is a major testament to them and their music. Of course having the loyal fan base that they do has a big part to do with their on-going career and with many of them right here in the UK, it’s no wonder that RBF always seem to be on our shores.

For many people tonight the general consensus seems to be nothing but gratitude for this fact, as the fans inside this intimate Leeds Metropolitan University venue seem to be bursting with excitement. Once Barrett (the only surviving member since their inception) and co. actually grace the stage with their presence, the crowd’s excitement reaches brimming point and the skanking gets well and truly under way.

Throughout the night the band are of course as tight and as energetic as ever. From the golden oldies to the newer material, RBF play ever note with precision, joy and most importantly fun. As for the fans, they continue to skank and bump along to anything that RBF put in front of them but it is of course the older material that get’s the biggest sing-alongs and cheers.

‘Sellout,’ ‘Where Have You Been,’ and ‘She Has A Girlfriend Now’ are amongst the contenders for track of the night as is the ever-popular RBF anthem ‘Beer’ which sets the audience’s feet on fire. One of biggest ovations of the night however goes to a track that isn’t even theirs. RBF’s ska rendition of Carly Rae Jepson’s “classic” ‘Call Me Maybe’ gets the crowds vocal chords pumping as Barrett and co. put a interestingly awesome spin on one of the biggest, if not the biggest pop track of last year.

As the curtain calls approaches RBF go off to raucous applause but of course the ska punk veterans aren’t done there. Coming back on for the obligatory encore, RBF treat us to another two songs before finally finishing the night on their cover of ‘Take On Me,’ which fills the room with last minute skanks and final mass chanting before the faces below wave a very hearty goodbye.

Original article first appeared on Vibrations website on 24/03/13