Neurosis – Honour Found In Decay

They formed in 1985, they are often cited as one of the greatest influences to the entire doom metal scene and they are still the kings of the sludge genre. They are of course Neurosis, a six-piece form Oakland, California that barged their way through glam metal bands of the 80s and unlike many of their peers, came out the other side.

Honour Found In Decay is the bands tenth studio album and as far as atmospheric metal goes, this is one of the best examples of how to do it properly. From the opening chimes of ‘We All Rage In Gold’ to the exquisite violin solo that marks the end of the album on ‘Raise The Dawn’, Neurosis are hauntingly beautiful throughout.

That isn’t to say Honour…. isn’t a heavy compilation of music because it is. However, even though the album exudes intense ferocity and atmospheric force, it can also often very minimalistic. In fact some of the greatest moments that can be found on this album come from near silence, a point exemplified in the superb second half of ‘My Heart For Deliverance’.

Honour Found In Decay is not an album that draws you in on the first listen. Instead it’s more of a slow rising beast that needs to be span a few times to fully appreciate its brilliance but once you do you’ll be hard pushed to turn it off. As the sixth track on this album says, ‘All Is Found…In Time’.

Original article first appeared on Vibrations website on 16/03/13