Lazy Bear’s Definitive Guide To Pop Punk 2011 – Various Artists

Word on the street is that ‘Pop Punk Is Not Dead.’ Whether this is for the better or worse is a matter of opinion but judging by the latest offering from Pop Punk label/clothing line Lazy Bear Records, this statement looks to be leaning towards the latter. This ‘definitive’ guide hosts 18 tracks from the UK pop punk scene, which sees only a handful making the creative grade.

The first snippet of joy comes in the form of Paige, a 5-piece from Hertfordshire whose anthem rousing ‘Young Summer’ is a song designed for the new season we are about to approach and entices a few cheeky neck hairs to stand to attention.

The next and best track of the album is awarded to ‘Landslide,’ composed by the brilliant Fine Young Firecrackers from London. With a mixture of You Me At Six and 90’s American pop punk about them, ‘Landslide’ is the catchiest track of the whole album.

Cambridge pop-rockers As We Climb also deserve attention for their song ‘Get Together’ which rouses a convincing sing-along moment come the end and combines some slightly rockier riffs to their pop-punk givings.

As for the rest, it’s mostly like trying to find a needle in a haystack, as many of the songs featured seem to roll from one generic pop-punk sound to another. Whether Pop Punk is actually dead or not, ‘Lazy Bears Guide To Definitive Pop Punk 2011’ makes you wish that some of these bands would believe it was.

Original article first appeared on Vibrations website on 07/04/12