Chancellors Budget Speech: UKIE Delighted At Games Industry Tax Credit Announcement

If you drink, smoke, drive or have dared to become a pensioner; chances are Mr Osborne’s budget speech didn’t exactly please you. So with what we can safely presume as most of the country well and truly pissed off, it’s nice to see someone is happy with him.

UKIE, the games and trade body for the UK’s Games and Interactive Entertainment industry are delighted by Wednesday’s speech, as it was announced that a production tax credit would be introduced for the UK’s video games industry.

“Congratulations must go to everyone who has campaigned so hard for tax breaks to be introduced for the UK’s games industry,” said UKIE Chairman Andy Payne, “It’s now up to everyone involved to work together to ensure that the games industry takes advantage of the opportunities it has been given. UKIE will be working with government to make sure that production tax credits deliver real benefits for the UK games industry.”

So well done Mr. Osborne you have at least given our much loved games industry a well-deserved break and let’s hope these tax credits will mean less studio closures and consequently more exciting and innovative games for us gamers. Or maybe we should stop playing computer games altogether and work collectively on a magic cure to stop us from ageing…

Original article first appeared on the Robot Geek website on 22/03/12 (Please note: the site is no longer online.)