Pinemarten – Here It Is

Not to be confused with the weasel like creature native to Northern Europe, or the rock outfit PINEMARTEN from America’s Minnesota, Pinemarten is a UK producer currently residing in Derbyshire. Making electro beats and synth pop is his game, and ‘Here It Is’ is the newest player in the field.

Comprising of just 3 songs, Pinemarten’s newest EP is filled with the kind of dreamy sounds and synth tones that one can’t help but relax to. From the gliding gentle intro of title track ‘Here It Is’ to the distorted, soft vocals stirring in both the backgrounds of ‘I’m Trying’ and ‘Only You,’ ‘Here It Is’ is a perfect bunch of tracks to whack on in the background and unwind to.

However, here is where the EP’s potential begins and stops. There are no lasting impressions or stand out tracks to be taken from ‘Here It Is,’ as all three seem to blend together to create one big portion of chilled out electronica that isn’t mind-blowing or tear inducing, just… nice.

Chances are if you listen to Pinemarten’s latest offering you wont hate or love it but as soon as the last note hits you will most probably forget about it, which in reality is even worse.

Original article first appeared on Punktastic website on 05/03/12