The Spills – Occam’s Razor

With the cascade of ‘indie’ bands waddling through our radios at the moment, many of which sound and look the same, its very uplifting to hear a band that can still issue a nod to this genre, without completely conforming to it.

Yes, this Wakefield quartet may have ‘The’ at the start of their band title and a familiar air of teen angst running throughout their music, but The Spills are so much more than perfectly styled quiffs and Topshop clothing.

From the gentle, atmospheric jaunts of ‘Lockets’ and ‘Silver Bullets’ to the razor sharp, guitar doused strums of “Summer Vibes” and ‘Jury’s Out’, Occam’s Razor is a rollercoaster of a debut, with each track as uniquely exciting as the next.

‘Coiled Springs’ is a silky yet robust gem, whilst ‘Heat Death Of The Universe’ begins like the early frantic attempts of Nirvana, before slowing down the tempo and unleashing yet another blast of blissfully, boisterous sound. ‘Oh Say Do’ and ‘White Flag’ are other album highlights, whilst closing track ‘Concrete’ brings the album to a strong yet regrettable end.

If Dinosaur Pile-Up, Les Savy Fav and Fleet Foxes had one big musical orgy, this is surely what their spawn would sound like. Youthful but wise, edgy but mellow, Occams Razor is just the kick the ‘indie’ genre needed and it’s a kick that’s been directed right at its boring and rather wilting bollocks.

Original article first appeared on Vibrations website on 30/01/12