News: Yorkshire Firm Born

Yorkshire could soon see another gaming firm added to the regions rising roster, as the Wakefield based Retroburn Games Studio, looks set to become a fully-fledged company this year.

Martin Caine, the founder and chief developer of Retroburn told us, “I am currently looking into the legalities of forming a company or simply registering as a Sole Trader using the trading name of Retroburn Game Studios.

“I have been working on Retroburn’s games from home in my spare time, but when we do make the decision to go find offices, I will likely look for office space in Wakefield or the surrounding areas.”

He also added that the reasons for his interest in staying in the region was because, “The Games Industry is booming in Yorkshire right now, we have some of the top studios based here and have a number of Indie studios starting to make a name for themselves. My hope is that Retroburn Game Studios can join them.”

The games studio, which is currently made up of around 30 contributors distributed all over the world, began in 2009 when Mr. Caine got wind of an opportunity to develop games for Microsoft’s Xbox 360. “In early 2009 I heard about a new initiative Microsoft had launched for the Xbox 360 console which enabled hobbyist game developers to release games for their latest console,” explains Martin.

“This sounded like an exciting opportunity and having worked on a number of small scale games and mods in the past I quickly began working on some game concepts. I had experience working as part of a team on game projects and so I searched for illustrators, musicians and 3D artists to help me create my games for the service.”

Now, 3 years after Martin started work on the first Retroburn game, he believes that they have established themselves as a ‘highly qualified indie studio’ and with big projects in the pipeline; Martin is looking to take the studio even further in the future.

“With regards to physically operating from other companies, (expanding Retroburn) is a definite possibility for the future, depending on our success in 2012. I could see us opening a second studio in the US or Canada next year to split our focus and work-load and potentially start working on much higher profile games.”