Chairman Kato – Science & Romance

Science and romance are not usually two things that go together, unless you’re a member of The Big Bang Theory cast. However, Chairman Kato is a man who sees things differently. Born in London, producer Kato is quite an elusive character on the Internet and a brief summary of his life story is not something you will find here. What you will see however is a look at his new EP Science & Romance, a 6-track electronic affair, featuring original songs and remixes.

A prime example of how DIY music can be in today’s world, Science & Romance is straight up electronica music made through a computer, with some synths and samples flicked in. There are no lyrics, no instrumental splurges and apart from the occasional appearance of DJ’s coming to mix-up Kato’s tracks, there’s no real human presence. For some people this is not what music is about: laptops instead of people, drum-machines instead of pedals and sticks, but if you appreciate this approach to song making, then you may like Science & Romance. Even then however, there is a chance that you might not.

The ironic thing about Science & Romance EP is that the best songs are the ones that have been remixed. “Low Rises (Andres Detroit Soul mix)” jazzes up its simple drumbeat with some enjoyable floating rhythms, whilst “Usual Drama”takes on another outsider in the form of Bristol-based DJ Ekoplekz. With an eerie, haunting sample roaming over the top of some jaunty blasts, “Usual Drama” is probably the best track out of the six and the finishing point for this reviewer’s excitement.

The rest would, if it weren’t for the break between the first track and the above songs, morph into on big pile of synthetic, garbled noise if they followed on from each other, seemingly added to simply make up time on the EP. There’s nothing striking or defining about the other four songs (original versions of “Low Rises”and “Usual Drama” will only be available digitally) and since they are all original Kato tracks, this creative slump is disappointing given that this EP has his name endorsing it.

If you don’t like this genre of music, chances are Chairman Kato will not be your new best friend but for pure electronica fans out there, there is still no guarantee that you will enjoy this EP. It may be called Science & Romance, but there isn’t an awful lot to fall in love with here.

Original article first appeared on Altsounds website on 20/12/11