DZ Deathrays/Bears Killing Bears Live Review

Dressing up as Superhero or a giant vegetable on an evening is just the kind of behaviour that would get a person thrown into a psychiatric ward but on the weekend of Halloween these kinds of get-ups are perfectly normal street fodder.

At Cockpit tonight however, there is definitely a certain lack of amusing ghoulish garments to stare at but fortunately there are the musical talents of DZ Deathrays on stage for us to gawp at instead.

Before the gawping can begin however there is the matter of hearing the support beforehand. After missing the first support band due to a worrying confusion at the door (resolved by DZ Deathray Simon, cheers again lad!), it’s up too Bears Killing Bears to warm up our ears.

Dressed as nuns and displaying nothing of the god fearing woman they appear to be, BKB’s brand of rock-come-metal-come-garbled noise, is one that may not kill the bears but it certainly kills ears. With a screaming front man and a sound that does not compliment these vocals well at all, the cheers the Leeds boys are getting seem a little far-fetched and manufactured.

After a disappointing start, its time to lend our slightly disgruntled ears to another act and this time disappointment is nowhere to be seen. From the off, Mr Parsons and Mr Ridley make their instruments do more tricks than obedient puppies and the music emitting from them is infectiously ferocious.

Thrash, punk and electronic elements all fumble together in one big well-crafted mess and with Shane’s magically scratchy vocals smattered over the top of it, DZ Deathrays already excellent tunes become even more tantalising. There are pedals, lasers and trembling speakers in tonight’s show, as the two Aussie boys in front, turn Cockpit 3’s tiny stage into their own personal playground.

Word is that DZ Deathrays have been added as support to the Foo Fighters arena tour in their native homeland. If their live performance tonight is anything to go by, it shouldn’t be long before they’re headlining them themselves.

Original article first appeared on Vibrations website on 11/11/11