Preview: Eastpak Antidote Tour

Final Eastpak Antidote Tour Set To Roll Into Leeds

They say that all good things must come to an end and whilst some people in the music industry vow to go on until the very bitter of this, others know that stopping in your prime is the much more gracious way to end.

After 6 years, countless cities and some amazing bands, The Eastpak Antidote Tour is coming to a more than dignified halt and on November 14th the tour will roll into Leeds for the last time. With tours before headlined by the likes of Flogging Molly, Anti-Flag and last year Sum 41, it was always going to take something special to top the past. Thankful the organisers haven’t disappointed.

Headlining the final tour will be the Floridian pop-punk, metal-core, musical extravaganza that is A Day To Remember. Forming in 2003, A Day To Remember have been successfully mashing genres together to great applause for the past 8 years. They’ve released four albums, graced the cover of many magazines and have earned quite a following in both their native homeland and here in the UK. With their catchy tunes and well-honed live act, it’s safe to say that these boys have got in a few heads for more than just a day.

Joining them on this Eastpak Tour are August Burns Red, the Pennsylvanian metal-core 5-piece, behind albums such as “Leveller” and “Constellations.” After chiselling their way into the heads and hearts of many a person in 2007 with album “Messengers”, August Burns Red have been busy touring the world with their heavy breakdowns and crushing riffs. With a band name that tells the story of disturbing animal related fire and a religious faith behind them, August Burns Red have already took the metal-core world by storm and don’t look like stopping yet.

Joining the above, are up acts The Ghost Inside and Living With Lions. The former are a melodic metal/hard-core band from LA, who, after touring their 2008 album “Returners” vigorously for the past two years, have earned themselves a reputation as a permanent act on the scene and a solid live performer. The latter are a rising pop punk band from California, who not only have an album called “Holy Shit” but also packaged said LP with notes that portrayed Jesus Christ as a ‘turd’. Queue the fireworks.

Leeds is one of only two UK shows that has any tickets available, so get yours now because its definitely looks like The Eastpak Antidote Tour will be going out with a bang. Whether that bang will involve fists or not no-one can be sure but either way there will most definitely be lots entertainment at Leeds 02 Academy on November 14th. See you at the front.

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Original article first appeared on Vibrations website on 09/11/11