Everything Burns/Road To Ruin/Project Metropolis Live Review

Trying to command a crowd that consists of only 20 people is not an easy feat to manage, but this is not an issue that seems to phase Leeds metallers Project Metropolis. Crushing riffs and boisterous grooves sound all around the Cockpit’s smallest room and their bruising melodies are not easy to ignore. Led by their charismatic frontman Jordan Long, Project Metropolis are a homegrown talent to watch and listen to in the near future.

Wakefield boys Road To Horizon are up next and whilst they fair no better in the crowd stakes, they still play their brand of engaging alt rock just as energetically and brilliantly as they surely would if hundreds of bodies were in front of them. Combining heavy beats with accessible tones, Road To Horizon give this sparse crowd their all and the people gathered here seem impressed by the material ringing in their ears.

Headliners Everything Burns are not from around these parts, but that doesn’t make them any the less special. With a 5 man strong team and a sound quite a lot bigger than their venue placing suggests, these boys from the South West of England are an excellent live outfit. From the front to the back, Everything Burns execute their brand of melodic, metal hard-core brilliantly and their well-executed performance is only matched by their sheer vitality.

Tonight, most of Leeds missed out on a brilliant list of bands, each making their own mark on our ears and minds. Cockpit 3 may not have been packed with faces, but it was certainly packed with talent.

Original article first appeared on Vibrations website on 26/10/11