Q & A: Everything Burns

Everything Burns stemmed from Seven Days Awake, who was in that band?

Chinn (Lead Guitar): Me, Phil and Jez.

How did you meet the others?

Chinn: Through pain and suffering and they’ve been the bane of our lives ever since, particularly Tim.

Tim (Singer): Phil used to work in a music shop that I used to go in and then one day Phil just said, “Why don’t you come down and practice with us, we’re looking for a singer” and I was like “Alright, then”.

Chinn: We were really happy with Tim but honestly we probably auditioned about 35 guitarists and unfortunately Vince was the only one…

Vince (Guitar, Keys and Vocals): …I was the only one left.

So how come you decided to finish Seven Days Awake then?

Chinn: We didn’t decide to finish it the singer actually just bailed on us. He just said “The band’s finished by the way guys” and we were like “Okay…c’ya”.

Jez (Drums): Yeah I got a text just saying “The bands over, I don’t like you anymore”. But we won’t dwell on that band.

Why did you name your band Everything Burns, is it because there is an Anastacia song of the same name and you’re all actually Anastacia fans?

Chinn: Yeah we love Anastacia songs. I really love it every time I type our name in Google and that comes up. I feel strongly about that every time. We’re slowly overtaking it now, which is fantastic but it’s going to be another year or two yet.

Jez: I think we choose the name generally though because we just liked the sound of the name.

Tim: It’s a cool name.

Is this your first headlining tour?

Chinn: No, this is our fourth headlining tour, I think. We’ve only done the UK so far. We say this is a headline tour now, it is but we’re still going to play a festival where we’re not headlining it.

Jez: I think this is definitely the first tour where…

Vince: …the majority of shows we’re headlining.

Tim: Yeah there’s only one show we’re not headlining.

Chinn: We’re selling tickets and stuff and people are actually turning up now, which is nice. So yeah I guess so, it probably is our first one really, our first good one.

You played Download festival last year; did you get a good reception?

Chinn: Yeah, amazing.

Who did you meet while you were there?

Chinn: AC/DC, Rage Against The Machine and Aerosmith, you don’t get anywhere near. Neither do the bigger bands. But we met other bands like Lamb Of God…

Tim: …there’s a picture on our Facebook of Jez with Chris Adler (Lamb Of God Drummer).

Chinn: We’re quite matey with The Blackout and they were there.

Jez: Yeah that’s the second time we’ve played with them, they played just before we did. It’s always cool to meet people you’ve spoken to before when you’re out.

Chinn: Especially at something like that, it’s quite daunting.

Tim: Daunting-ton.

Jez: That’s brilliant Tim.

If you could headline any festival, which one would you pick, either UK or in the world?

Chinn: Maybe like Rock In Rio or The Warped Tour, that’s something we’d really like to get on.

Tim: Travelling round America and just playing, it would be awesome.

Chinn: Yeah, we’d be keen for that. So Vans, even though you endorse us, get us on that fucking tour!

It says on your website that you’re writing new material, when’s that due out?

Chinn: We’ve basically finished all the music side of it. We’ve totally finished the single which is due to come out once it’s mixed. We’ve got a big home show in November and we’re hoping the single is going to be out before that.

Tim: The album probably won’t be out until February or March next year.

Do you plan on doing a tour when it comes out?

Chinn: Yeah we’ll definitely be touring again. We’re just going to be gigging the whole time I think anyway.

Tim: Next year, it’s just like gig, gig, gig.

In 3 words, can you describe what your new album is going to sound like?

Chinn: Fucking kick ass.

Original article first appeared on Vibrations website on 26/10/11