Kate Bush – Wild Man

Not many artists can say that their career defining moment consists of a music video that features them prancing around a field, with a wild-eyed, maniacal look in their eye, cracking out moves even Jacko must have been jealous of. Kate Bush however, is not like many artists.

For one she has been on the same record label since 1975 and this year she even developed her own division within record giants EMI, named as strangely as you would expect, Fish People. She’s sold millions of records, been nominated for three Grammy awards and she is still today, at the age of 53, making music. To not be in awe of this woman’s career is difficult but to actually enjoy her music is something that can also be quite tough.

“Wild Man” is the first single from her new album 50 Words For Snow and for the followers of Bush, this will no doubt be another shining moment of abstract gayety and enjoyment. This however will not be the case for everyone. The strange lyrical content, whilst unsurprising, is not very engaging and when mixed with Bush’s desire to almost whisper many of the words, “Wild Man” starts to almost sound like a parody piece.

When the required singing begins however, all must be agreed that whilst she may be a little quirky in her style, she does have a good set on pipes on her that are as equally as hard to ignore, as she is herself. Melody wise, “Wild Man” floats in and out of the speakers quite fluidly, until unleashing what can only be described as a tune reminiscent of that in Chinese eatery, before the chorus of multiple layers and jauntier beats rolls on in. In truth, these combinations do work well together but in a, “yes it works well but turn it off” sort of way rather than a “get on my iPod now” kind of way.

Kate Bush is not a woman to be scoffed at. She has had more success than most artists can dream of and she has done it without changing one bizarre thing about her. For this you have to give her respect but musically, she is definitely not for everyone and neither is “Wild Man”. For the Bush lovers (calm down boys, obviously I mean Kate Bush) out there, her new album will be cause for celebration and so will this single but for most “Wild Man” will be yet another song to maybe acknowledge but mostly ignore.

Original article first appeared on Altsounds website on 18/10/11