Rev78 – Boy In The Blitz

REV78 are bound to become the new best thing in the hipster world. With their boyish looks, they’ll most definitely have all the ‘cool’ kids by the balls, especially in the indie capital and their hometown, London. However, despite their aesthetic appeal, their debut album ‘Boy In The Blitz’ is nothing particularly special.

One thing worth noting is they do have some musical skill, but in a generic, cliché’d sort of way. The main problem is that despite a few melodic changes in these ten tracks, ‘Boy In The Blitz’ has no real defining sound or at least one that actually grabs your attention and makes you want to take notice. Trying to find a winning song is also very difficult, especially since much of ‘Boy In The Blitz’ sounds so similar. The closet thing we get to actual creativity is ‘Could Have Been A Dancer’, which starts off positively with some Joy Divison-esque goodness, but even that trails off into another boring cascade of noise.

Having just signed to Day Job Records, Rev78’s future is looking very promising and no doubt they will find a place among the hearts of many a checked-shirted indie-rocker. For numerous others though, Rev78 will just become another addition to an ever-growing list of bands, sticking to a tried and tested formula of angst, love and heartbreak, presented in the same slightly depressing and tedious manner we have heard time and time again. If you’re still looking for these themes in your life then ‘Boy In The Blitz’ may be of some interest to you. Or you could buy something good. The choice is yours.

Original article first appeared on Punktastic website on 18/03/11