Goonies Never Say Die – Nothing Remains Forever Yet The Future Holds Hope

To make music without lyrics is a risky strategy and one that many bands often steer clear from. With no words to fall back on and therefore no sing-along moments to create for the fans, the hopes and dreams of that artist will weigh heavy on the shoulders of tunes they create and the techniques they display.

A dangerous game to play, instrumental music isn’t exactly a genre that seems to attract the masses but, this factor doesn’t seem to have deterred at least one group of young hopefuls. Goonies Never Say Die are a six-piece from the seaside town of Blackpool who, since their inception in 2007, have released two albums, 2009’s début In A Forest Without Trees and 2010’s No Words To Voice Our Hopes And Fears, the album that “Nothing Remains Forever Yet The Future Still Holds Hope” is taken from.

Coming in at 5 mins 42 seconds, “Nothing Remains Forever Yet The Future Still Holds Hope” is a post rock monster that begins with gentle piano notes before descending into a mass of bludgeoning guitar strums and intricate drum beats. It is an intriguing piece of music, with lots of melodic twists and turns and the key element to it all is that it does actually manage to sustain your attention, even without the traditional use of lyrics. The ending in particular is the strongest section of the song; with its aggressive burst of energy and powerful closing harmony.

Goonies Never Say Die are a band with promising prospects and undeniable skill, but their instrumental style will not appeal to everyone. For fans of the genre, Goonies Never Say Die should already be on your radar, but if not “Nothing Remains Forever Yet The Future Still Holds Hope” is as good as any a place to start. In true Goonies style, this North West sextet have created their own way of saying “Hey You Guys,” so stand up take notice and be safe in the knowledge that not one of them resembles the giant beast that is Sloth.

Original article first appeared on Altsounds website on 21/02/11