65daysofstatic – Heavy Sky

Hailing from the South Yorkshire city of Sheffield, 65daysofstatic are band that seem to have been around forever. Forming in 2001, 65daysofstatic started their musical furrow mainly by doing remixes and mash-ups of popular songs of that time, before blasting the musical world a new arse-hole in 2004 with their début album The Fall Of Math, an 11-song monster, that showed the world 65daysofstatic’s true potential.

Combining elements of the post-rock and electronic genres, The Fall Of Math was the stage for a number of fan favorites including the blistering “Retreat! Retreat!” and its a credit to the band and their music that seven years on 65daysofstatic are still flying the flag, in a harsh world where most bands die before they have ever really begun. Now with a set-up of four instead of the early three, 65daysofstatic have released Heavy Sky, a new EP consisting of only seven songs, proving that quality wins over quantity ever time.

Starting off with the beautifully crafted “Tigers Girl,” a song that seems to float through the speakers, landing gently but powerfully on your ears to the brash and brazen attack of “Sawtooth Rising,” 65daysofstatic have created an EP that pulls at your senses and runs amok with your desires. Tracks that urge us to dance like lunatics, such as the frantic and un-relentless “Beats Like A Helix,” wrestle with songs such as “Pacify” and “Guitar Cascades” the 12-minute giant of a closer, which tell us to sit down, relax and let the music wash over us like a hot bubble bath.

Here within lies the beauty of the Heavy Sky EP. The EP’s tempo can sway from one moment to the next, sometimes even within a song, without ever losing the momentum or killing the vibe. ‘PX3’ is a song that combines all these elements within its four minutes. Approaching the listener as calmly and softly as 65daysofstatic can physically manage, ‘PX3’ climaxes with a burst of energy, before trailing off in same serene way as it began.

65daysofstatic are not a band that you can or should try to pinpoint and their latest offering certainly confirms this. Heavy Sky EP is some of their best work to date and will no doubt please the old fans as well as attracting a barrage of new listeners. Powerful, emotive and formidable and this is all achieved without using lyrics or fancy gimmicks. 65daysofstatic are the masters of mashing music together, combining different elements to make something new and unique and “Heavy Sky” is a prime example of how good 65daysofstatic can be. So dip you hand in your pocket or click your mouse now and buy this EP, you will not be disappointed.

Original article first appeared on Altsounds website on 05/02/11