Torino 74 – Torino 74

There’s not much to talk about when it comes to the Yorkshire town of Wakefield. With their claim to fame being that their prison has housed some of the most violent criminals in Britain such as Charles Bronson, it isn’t really a place where musical figures seem to be born, with the exception maybe of indie rockers The Cribs. It certainly isn’t a place you would expect a punk rock outfit to hail from, but this is exactly what has happened in the case of TORINO 74. Sounding less like Yorkshire boys and more like American inhabitants, Torino 74’s newest release ‘Torino 74’, has success written all over it.

‘When Capris Ruled The World’ is the opening track and whilst this isn’t much to write home about, thankfully the rest of the album is. Songs such as ‘Driver’, ‘Four Summers’ and ‘Winterburn’ are undeniably catchy, with the fuzzy guitar ploughs, bouncing rhythms and heartfelt vocal work from lead singer Sean. ‘Shovels and Precipitation’, a definite highlight of the album, has a Blink 182-esque cheeriness and youthful smile about it, while the other contender for best song on offer, ‘Emergency’, has sense of enthusiasm and vigour that is very hard not to like and near impossible not to at least tap your foot too. ‘Norwegian Blue’ has a softer, more controlled sound than some songs on the album, whilst still managing to grab and maintain your attention. Finally, closing number ‘I Wish I Could Fight Like Phil Beddoe’ brings the proceedings to a strong and uplifting finish.

If this Yorkshire outfit aren’t destined for big things, then destiny must be on holiday. Exciting and fresh, intriguing and fun, Torino 74 are defiantly something to get excited about. Let’s just hope the powers that be feel the same way and give them the chance that they so obviously deserve sooner rather than later.

Original article first appeared on Punktastic website on 03/02/11