Day Of The Sirens – A Kiss From Nyx

They may have only been together a year, but already DAY OF THE SIRENS have released an EP, gone on a full tour of the UK and now in 2011, they are poised and ready to release ‘A Kiss From Nyx’. Having gathered kind words from many a music publication for their first piece of work and critical aplomb regarding their live shows, some would say the pressure could be on for this Essex quartet. However, if Day Of The Sirens are feeling the strain of the second attempt stigma, this does not come across in the uber-confident handy-work of ‘A Kiss From Nyx’.

Kicking us off is ‘Home Is A Working Title’, a sure fire sing-along of an opener, that takes your mouth and urges you to vigorously use it, especially during the groove laden breakdown that wouldn’t look out of place in an A Day To Remember track. ‘211 Kramer” sounds like You Me At Six being blasted with an injection of heavy and a dose of edge. ‘Dark Days Part 1′ highlights the instrumental abilities that these boys’ possess, while ‘Dark Days Part 2’ is a toned-down contrast to the former, still showcasing the versatility that this lot can display within just one song. Disappointingly however, ‘We Are Our Memories’ while still being technically brilliant, does start to become overly repetitive and loses them a few points on the creativity front.

It’s hard to believe that Day Of The Sirens have only been together for just over 12 months, especially considering how long it takes some bands to sound even as half as tight as these four men do. Fresh, exciting and quite obviously gifted, ‘A Kiss From Nyx’ is definitely an EP worth purchasing come February 14th and its creators are certainly a band to keep a close eye and ear on this year.

Original article first appeared on Punktastic website on 03/02/11