Yeah Detroit – We Are All Our Friends

Hailing from the less sunnier side of the pond, YEAH DETROIT are a melodic, pop punk outfit from the rain sodden, kilt wearing country of Scotland. Having formed in early 2009, Yeah Detroit came together from the disbandment of two other bands; Not Here, Not Now, Not Ever! and Sicktrick. With one EP ‘Collapse’ already safely under their belts, Yeah Detroit are back in 2011 with brand new EP ‘We Are All Our Friends’ which they are hoping will catapult them into the ears of the musical world once and for all. Whether or not this will be their big break, is something up for debate however, as Yeah Detroit display signs of both inspiration and repetition on their second offering.

‘Save Us’ is the first song of the four and it begins the ‘We Are All Our Friends’ EP well. From the well oiled guitar opening and the catchy, tuneful note that runs throughout the song, ‘Save Us’ has the pop punk sensibilities, without the cliché sound it can sometimes come with. ‘Hello World’ however, loses the momentum before it has really begun. Sounding too much like its predecessor at times, listening to the two songs one after the other makes you wonder when ‘Hello World’ began and ‘Save Us’ ended. Title track “We Are All Our Friends’ thankfully picks up some of this lost vigor however, with its spiky guitar strums and upbeat vibes, whilst final track ‘A Phonecall Would Have Been Nice’ steals the show and changes the game. Mellow tones, provided mainly by the acoustic guitar inclusions and the heartfelt lyrics, combine to provide ‘We Are All Our Friends’ with a strong and solid finish.

Indifference can sometimes wash over you when listening to ‘We Are All Our Friends’, but listening you can clearly see the potential that Yeah Detroit have, outlined particularly in the closing number. They may not break into the big time with this effort, but given more time and they may just use their potential to its fullest and find a way to sneak themselves in.

Original article first appeared on Punktastic website on 19/01/11