Bull See Red – A Girl Called Murder

When a bull sees red, it usually indicates that rage is in the air and that you should distance yourself very quickly from the angry beast. However, Bull See Red are not a band that you should be afraid of, neither are they a band to run away from. Hailing from the Southwest of England, Bull See Red are a quartet that have one similarity with the animal they have named themselves after; they are something to be aware of. Combining many different influences and styles, Bull See Red are definitely a band that the public should be taking note of, especially their début album “A Girl Called Murder” which is a prime example of Bull See Red’s output.

“A Girl Called Murder” is an album that could not be more diverse if It tried. To pigeonhole the record and indeed the band itself would be too hard to do. This is one of the many factors that make “A Girl Called Murder” so appealing. From punk to acoustic, this album is wrought with both energy and enthusiasm. ‘A Girl Called Murder’ is the title track and the first song to capture your ears. With its fast paced riffs and anthem-riddled vibes, ‘A Girl Called Murder’ is the perfect start to the album.

‘Multi-Story Massacre’ is up next and the guitars have clearly been set to rapid, as have the drums and this is best displayed on the chorus, which switches from lightning speed to a slow cruising pace, all with effortless ease. ‘Small Victories’ is the track, with the most punk rock sensibility, which also hosts a rather impressive, although very short riff toward the end. ‘Roll Royale’’s first chords give the impression of a heavier, some-what metal track, before it almost instantly slows down to reveal another snippet of the more mellow side to the Bull See Red camp. Again, this doesn’t last for long, as ‘Roll Royale’ then hurries off into a new direction, with echoing chorus chants and hardcore plucks before ending in blistering fashion.

‘Knee High Genocide’ is one of the picks of the bunch and sounds like a stripped down version of Muse that has been trapped in a whirlwind. ‘Sweet Tequila Rose’ is a progressive monster of sound that explodes in parts and defuses in others, whilst ‘Krakatoa’ host some impressive vocal work that goes from high and winding notes to more edgy crackles, on a backdrop of well-designed instrumental work. ‘Pighead’ then concludes the album and it is an acoustically gentle but luscious song, which ends “ A Girl Called Murder” in superb fashion.

Bull See Red have created a fantastic album with a “A Girl Called Murder”, that showcases the bands many talents. Sharp, high-speed sound bites are combined with unblemished, stripped down music, making “A Girl Called Murder” an album that continues to surprise and intrigue you, until the very end.

If you like punk with an alternative side, or music that is creative, passionate and refreshingly different, then “A Girl Called Murder” is definitely an album for you. At £4.99 a pop, who could or would want to resist.

Original article first appeared on Altsounds website on 19/04/10