Random Hand – Anger Management

Since arriving on the ska punk scene in 2007, with their debut album “Change of Plan,” Random Hand have continued to raise their profile and often the roof with their blend of ska-punk-metal. Tours with ska punk legends Reel Big Fish, Voodoo Glow Skulls and Leftover Crack have played a major factor in their up and coming success and impressive sets at Leeds and Reading festivals in 2008 have all combined to cement Random Hand as everyone’s favourites underdogs among the ska punk scene. Their new album “Inhale/Exhale” has been greeted with rave reviews and ‘Anger Management’ is the first single to be taken from the Keighley quartet’s second album.

‘Anger Management’ is very much a typical Random Hand track. Fusing together ska punk rhythms with heavier and almost metal-based moments. This is all done with a raw edge and ferocity that many Random Hand fans have come to expect, from their beloved band. Trombones, chorus chanting and heavyset guitars are all in the mix here and in a live setting, ‘Anger Management’ is likely to be a more striking beast than on record. Random Hand have yet again created a song that twists from ska punk to metal and back to ska punk with timeless ease and the effect is a track that is both catchy and ferocious. In honesty, it isn’t one of the best ska punk songs ever written, but as far as Random Hand go, this will be right up there with cult favourites such as ‘Play Some Ska’ and ‘Scum Triumphant.’

Random Hand have produced yet another punchy and tuneful song in ‘Anger Management’ and although it may not be as good as some ska punk favourites such as ‘Beer’ and ‘Born To Die,’ ‘Anger Management’ is still a good track for a band that only released their debut album two years ago. Even though ‘Anger Management’ may not be the track that catapults them to the top of the ska punk bill, their debut single from “Inhale/Exhale” is a good stepping-stone in which to begin their ascent.

Original article first appeared on Altsounds website on 29/11/09