LYU – The Sky Is Yours

MySpace is generally used by bands to big themselves up and raise their profile. This usually involves a longwinded paragraph about how the band came together and what they have achieved, since they began and is by and large, ignored. LYU’s MySpace page however, is a little different. The basics are there: the line-up, the EP plugging and the band’s genre of music, which they have categorised as Punk / Alternative / Rock, however, where the large self indulgent piece should be, there is simply one line, describing LYU.

“We are a band called LYU, and we write rock songs. Until the end of time.”

It’s a daring ploy, but when you look underneath this vague yet frank line, you see clearly why they have done it. Quotes from various famous British music publications, including Kerrang and Rocksound, are strewn underneath, all praising LYU’s new EP, “The Sky Is Yours.” It’s apparent that LYU are letting the experts talk for them and rightly so because “The Sky Is Yours,” is a giant of an EP that dips its hand in so many genres it is hard to actually pigeonhole their music into just one of them.

The second EP from the Birmingham four-piece, “The Sky Is Yours,” does admittedly need a few listens before you actually understand and appreciate the complexity and strength displayed in LYU’s music. Songs such as ‘Visions’ and ‘Here In Line’ are both tracks that show the imminent power and huge sound that LYU have, despite their young years and each song is just as diverse as the next.

Displaying elements of post-hardcore, stadium rock and heavier rock, LYU have created their own genre of music within “The Sky Is Yours.” ‘Fight, Fall, Forget’ is definitely the song that thrashes home this point more than any of the other tracks on the EP. Gradually progressing from a slow and more melodic start, it finally unleashes the heavier monster within, finishing off in a brutally forceful style that even the most intense of bands would be proud of. However for all its strengths and originality, there is one criticism of “The Sky Is Yours” that has to be made.

First track ‘Forget The Past, Heroes To The Present’ is where the criticism lies. An instrumental track that opens the way for ‘The Sky Is Yours,’ the reason as to why they have included this short and voiceless track may be obvious, but not necessary. The track is clearly designed to introduce LYU’s sound to the listener and focus on the strongest part of their sound; the instruments themselves.

However, given that the next four songs need no introduction, it does seem like a waste of valuable minutes that could have been used to transform “The Sky Is Yours” into a 100% quality masterpiece, rather than the 80% quality masterpiece that the inclusion of this track makes it.

After listening to “The Sky Is Yours” though, it’s blatantly obvious why some of the British music press, have got behind LYU. Their songs are inventive, powerful and for four out five tracks on “The Sky Is Yours,” the listener is completely sucked into their music.

It may take you more than one listen to full understand Lyo’s cross-genre sound, but if you have the patience keep listening because the chances are you may have missed something.

Original article first appeared on Altsounds website on 02/11/09