Ivyrise – 1000FT

Ivyrise. One can only presume that this southern quartet named themselves this after the way that Ivy, well…rises. Obviously not a literal meaning for the band, but a metaphor on which direction this band wish to go. Having already supported Bon Jovi on tour in 2008 alongside none other than Brit pop-rockers, The Feeling, suggestions that Ivyrise are indeed a band set to rise to the top are never far from them.

However, association with Bon Jovi and The Feeling is not a positive thing if you want to be taken seriously in the music industry, almost like being associated with The Hoosiers. It also indicates the kind of music Ivyrise make before you even have to listen to it. From their description then, what we can decipher as being Ivyrise’s sound before listening is; clichéd, pop “rock”, with an over-the-top edge and chart ready melody. In basic form it is likely to be shit, boring and unimaginative music, that 40 year old mums will lap up like a herd of emo girls that lap up Trace Cyrus’s fringe.

Out of common courtesy for the artist however, ‘1000 Feet’ was listened too in it’s entirety a few times and given a fair chance but truthfully, given the description of their sound on MySpace and the fact they also toured with Kula Shaker, the chances of this track gaining any kind of positive response was unlikely from the off.

Just as expected, ‘1000 Feet’ has as much creativity as “You’ve Been Framed” and just like the show, Ivyrise have clearly taken pieces from other artists and fused them together in hope of creating something marginally entertaining. The problem being though is that a mediocre band has obviously taken inspiration from other mediocre bands and yes you guessed it, they have produced some very mediocre music. ‘1000 Feet’ can only be described as a cross between Keane and Coldplay with some Scouting For Girls thrown in. Basically a combination best left to the darkest realms of your very consciousness.

It would appear then, that this review is lacking in positives, which is due to the fact that the music itself is lacking in positives. There is nothing remotely individual abut ‘1000 Feet’. It is reworked, polished and regurgitated noise that has as much spark as a broken light bulb. Real music lovers should avoid ‘1000 Feet’ at all cost for risk of bleeding through the ears for the rest of eternity.

Original article first appeared on Altsounds website on 09/09/09