Goes Cube – Another Day Has Passed

In a recent interview with Kerrang, in the “Introducing” portion of the magazine, Goes Cube front man, David Obuchowski, uttered these words about his fellow band mate, Kenny Appell, “…he just didn’t give a shit”. Now Obuchowski was referring to the time when Goes Cube’s drummer willingly let a fan ink an unknown tattoo on his body, without seeing it first.

Aided by the pictures of the trio sporting magnificent beards, extra-ordinary clothes and playing the oh so rock & roll game of ten pin bowling. It would seem that Goes Cube really don’t give a shit about what they put on their bodies and that they lack a certain effort in their physical appearance. Musically, however, “lack” and “effort” are certainly not two words that could be strung together because what these boys lack in image, they more than make up for in talent and ability.

“Another Day Has Passed” is the New York trio’s full length album, and what an album it is. The first song, ‘Bluest Sky’, instantly thrusts you into the assault your ears are about to witness, from the beginning until the end of “Another Day Has Passed”. It’s heavy, intense and powerful and this is all just from the opening riff of the leading track. ‘Clenching Jaws’, ‘Back To Basics’ and ‘I Hold Grudges’ are just a few songs on the album that unleash their venom from the start.

Whilst other tracks such as the brilliantly inventive and calculated ‘Urbana-Champaign’, build up to the ferocity like a shorter version of Metallica’s ‘One’. There are some moments on the album though, that are not quite as heavy as the others. Songs such as ‘Restore’ and ‘Saab Sonnet’, that seem to give way to a more melodious side of the band, with some very catchy and quite remarkable harmonies, flourishing alongside the more brutal moments the tracks have to offer. 

Instrumentally then, it’s clear that Goes Cube can put together a song or two, but with music comes lyrics and with lyrics comes singing and thankfully Obuchowski doesn’t let Goes Cube’s hard work on the equipment go to waste. Continually shifting his voice from a softer, gentler tone to a harsh, ear piercing howl; Obuchowski knows of no bounds to his vocal abilities. However, the actual lyrics are overshadowed by the music, which is to be expected, when the soundtrack to the words is as punishingly brutal as Goes Cube’s is.

Goes Cube are an exceptional band, a band that should really go further than their home town of New York City. With the praise and following, Goes Cube are quickly gaining a heavy fan base and this looks like not just a possibility, but a certainty. Unpretentious, loud and demanding. Goes Cube may not have their breakthrough hit yet, but with an album as solid and varied as “Another Day Has Passed”, Obuchowski and company shouldn’t have to wait long before they do.

Hopefully a European tour with becoming our way soon because if Goes Cube can cause this much destruction on record, imagine what they could do in a live setting.

Original article first appeared on Altsounds website on 25/08/09