Wave Machines – I Go I Go I Go

If Hot Chip and Mercir had a baby, then this electronic, pop-infused, indie, Liverpool based quartet, would defiantly be the end result. Mixing funky tones with uplifting catchy beats; Wave Machines really do seem to be making waves in the electro-pop world. They were the opening act for the electric proms in 2008 and in 2009 they show no signs of slowing down.

Their first single from they brand new album, “Wave If Your Really There”, is “I Go I Go I Go”. After they originally recorded it in 2007, the four-piece decided that it was to be re-recorded and released again this year. Having not heard the original version of this song, its impossible to point out any flaws or reasons as to why they re-recorded it, but if this is what needed to happen to produce such a fine song as 2009’s “I Go I Go I Go”, then clearly why they did it, is not an issue. With its infectiously uplifting rhythm, melodic vocals and dance laden, funky grooves, “I Go I Go I Go” is so upbeat it would even make Gordon Brown crack a smile. For the rest of us, prepare to dance and if you aren’t dancing by the time “I Go I Go I Go”s glorious three minutes and ten seconds are over, then you must be extremely boring or just simply bonkers.

So for the cynical individuals out there, yes lyrically this isn‘t a song full of meaningful words of wisdom and the music itself isn’t vastly complicated, but then again, that’s the point. In a world that is so complex and serious, sometimes it’s nice to have something that isn’t as difficult to follow. Wave Machines aren’t a political band that are trying to change the world in one song or even an album’s worth of songs. They are merely just a band that are trying to give the public a little sunshine in their lives and liveliness in their toes. “I Go I Go I Go” is simply a song that says “be happy and dance” and in the current world climate, sometimes it’s nice to forget about your troubles and just let go.

In 2007, Wave Machines may not have broke through with this track, but in 2009 things really do look good for them. With a sea of electro-pop artists breaking through to the mainstream, La Roux, Ladyhawke and Little Boots to name a few, the future certainly does look more promising for Wave Machines than it did two years ago. So if you can listen to this infectious little number by the Liverpuddlian quartet, without moving any part of your anatomy, please inform someone right away. A straight jacket and a padded cell await you.

Original article first appeared on Altsounds website on 22/06/09